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Site Promotion – How to Drive Visitors to Your Small Business Website

As a small business owner, promoting your company can be a costly venture. Traditional off-line marketing strategies often require a high financial investment. For many companies, the Internet delivers the highest return on investment in terms of marketing and advertising. Below you’ll find powerful strategies for promoting your small business online without breaking the bank.

1. Have your small business listed in Google’s local search results. Listing your business with Google will also ensure that your company name appears when someone does a search for your neighborhood in Google maps.

2. Post special offers on online classifieds sites such as Craigslist is one of the most popular sites on this web, and you can harness this traffic by posting free advertisements.

3. Have your website URL added to all of your existing advertising and communications. List your URL in your yellow page listing, on stationery, business cards, flyers, and advertisements.

4. Promote your business with a pay per click advertising campaign. PPC programs such as Google AdWords allow you to pay for your website to be displayed at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for target keywords. The best part of PPC advertising is that you don’t pay a dime unless someone clicks your ad. Click costs start as low as a penny per click (depending on the competitiveness of your target search terms).

5. Find blogs and forums focused on your city or region. Go to a search engine and enter your community name with the word “blog” or “forum.” Post comments with a link back to your site on these active online communities and watch the traffic flow.

The Revolution of Home Based Business 2010

Over the last ten years, the boom of the Internet has broadened our horizons beyond our imagination.Home business is high in demand and we as people have pushed the Internet to new heights making the possibilities endless. It sparked a dream for many around the world to have and own an online home based business. Many have made this dream come true while just as many have failed and gave up. But today that dream of owning a home business is more alive than ever.With more than 90% of the opportunities being scams there are real and profitable home based opportunities. It’s all about research.In the midst of one of the biggest economic downturns in recorded history and millions losing their jobs. People have started to look for new opportunities online in hopes of getting their own “BAILOUT” package. But before you jump into the online business world and pursue your dream of having a home based business, here are a few pointers you need to clearly understand.1) A home based business is a real business and needs to be treated like one. That means..Yes, you will have to do some work!
2) Don’t believe everything that you read out there. It’s possible to make $25,000 a month,but it will take a little time. Again…You will have to do some work!
3) You will have to invest some of your own capital. A home based business may not have the overhead costs of running a conventional business and yes can be a lot less costly. But you will have to invest a little more than just your time into it. There’s no Such thing as a business that requires no investment.
4) You must be organized, having a home based business consists of managing different accounts and files. Keep all records of your invoices and receipts. Remember, you are still a tax paying citizen and you can make this work to your advantage. See your local tax consultant for details and benefits of having a home based business.
5) You must be passionate and willing to learn in order to thrive in this industry.So many people have failed because they don’t take action and follow through. The Internet is always subject to change, so that means business can change. So thinking that once the money starts coming in,your work is done. THINK AGAIN! If you want to have longevity in this industry you will have to start thinking with a business mind.As we start coming to the end of the year. A year that some will wish they could forget about I might add, people now look to 2010 for hope but there’s also the uncertainty that the new year may bring. What can the home based business industry see in 2010? Any bright opportunities on the horizon? Well a home business genius named Saj Purkayastha or Saj P as some may say well known for being a master of online home business and created revolutionary products such as The Site Rush. He is no joke, well respected and also disliked by some of the so called “Gurus” that he has exposed to help the average ordinary working man with little computer experience be successful online.His track record is undeniable and once again he has gone beyond the call of duty to deliver a stellar product that will raise the bar and take the online home based business world to a whole new level.